Tony, Didi, My wife and I Part 1

Didi ached her back as Pats fingers entered her it was wonderful to watch these beautiful women make love to each other on the rug in front of us
It was two weeks since my 50th birthday and if you read my last story my dear wife brought her friend Didi round to give me a wonderful birthday surprise a threesome,

Didi said that her Tony had always talked about a foursome but had never knew anyone to do it with she told us that she was going to tell Tony that she had been round here and given me the fuck of my life along with my wife and see if he was up for the foursome.

Well as I said at the beginning it had been two weeks and my wife got a phone call from Didi to say that she had told Tony how she had fuck me and how much her had enjoyed her telling him all about it and said that night they had great sex together, she went on to say that Tony would like a foursome with us as he hid not believe Didi that my cock was 10″ and he wanted to see for himself and the fact that I got it all into Didi.

My wife arranged for them to come over for a meal on Saturday evening and we could take it from there, I only knew Tony by the odd hi as he passed by but my wife had been friends for a long time it was strange really that Tony & I had not really talked.

Well Saturday soon came round and there was a knock on the door and I let Tony and Didi me, I got us all drinks and we sat and chatted while the meal was cooking, once the meal was out of the way we sat back down and talked some more Tony was about 5’8″ thick brown hair and of a medium build and I would say quite hansom really.

After a while and more drinks we got to talking about what Pat my Wife and Didi had got up to on my birthday and I told Tony how wonderful it had been to take of the blindfold and find Didi sitting on my cock. Tony said yea she told me all about it but she said that you had a 10″ and that she took it all, That’s right I said but the look on Tony’s face said that he did not believe it, I turned to Didi and said I don’t think your Husband believes us,no said Didi I thing your right I think we should prove it to him don’t you, Yes I replied I think we should .

So Didi came over to me and sat on my lap and took my head in her hands and kissed me on the lips and it was not long before my hand reach up and took hold of one of her tits and squeezed it making her give a soft moan, we stayed like this for a while and when I looked over a Tony I could see that he had a big lump into the front of his jeans, I said to my wife Pat look at poor Tony he has a big hard on and your not helping him with it I am sure you can find a way of releasing it form it’s confined space, Pat got up and walked over to Tony and Pat pushed his legs open and knelt down between them, the I heard a button undo then the lowering of a zippier I just saw Pat’s hands go to each side of Tony’s jeans as she pulled them down and Tony lifted his ass so pat could get the jeans right of him, All I heard was my wife say Mmmmmmmmmm very nice and then her head started to bob up and down as she took his cock into her mouth.

I turned my attention back to Didi as by now my own cock was hard and fighting to get out of it’s confined space which it was trapped in I ask Didi to stand which she did and I pulled up her t-shirt and she was wearing a wonderful pink frilly bra and I pulled her to me and kissed her again and as I did I hooked my hands around her and undid her bra and as she pulled back from me her bra came off and she was standing there with her breasts firm and wonderful on show and her nipples were hard so I lowered my head and took on in my mouth and I sucked it into my mouth and Didi moaned OOO Yes that is nice, I could also hear Tony starting to breath hard as Pat was still sucking his cock and playing with his balls if I knew my wife.

I then dropped to my knees in front of Didi and undone her jeans and slowly lowered then to the floor and she stepped out of them she had on a matching pair of thong’s all pink and lacy and I could see her public hair around the sides of her thong and while looking at her I said My God Didi you look wonderful can you turn round and face the other way for me and she did I placed my hands on her bum and pulled apart her bum cheeks and pushed my face in and licked her hole as the thin thong did not get in the way.

When I pulled back to get a breath of air I saw Tony lift his bottom of the seat forcing his cock up into Pat’s mouth and he pushed her head down and though gritted teeth he said YeSsssssss and I guessed he came into Pats mouth as then we heard her slurping it down. I push my face back into Didi’s rear and then took hold of the sides of her thong and pulled them down and off her I turned her to face me and I took hold of her wonderful shaped legs and opened then wide she stood there legs wide apart her hairy pussy right in front of my face and I could see that she was wet and ready for action.

I lent forward and ran my tongue up along her pussy slit and she shuddered as I did this and I worked on her pushing my tongue in a bit further each time and every time I touched the clit she shuddered and it was not long before I was drinking down her juice which was now starting to run from her pussy, I sucked her clit into my mouth and gripped it between my teeth and flicked the top of it with the tip of my tongue.

I entered two Fingers into her and she moaned out as I found her g-spot just inside her cunt and as I played with it but rubbing my fingers round and round on it she screamed YES I AM CUMMIMG and she did cum there was so much of it that I could not take it all in my mouth and it was running down all over my chin.

Meanwhile Tony had as I said filled Pat’s mouth with his cum and once he had finished he stood up and took the rest of his clothes off and I saw his cock for the first time and it was has Didi had said about half the size of mine but he did a a nice firm body and knew he would keep Pat happy tonight.

Once he was undressed he stood Pat up and slowly undo the buttons on her blouse and pushed the shoulders back over and down her arms letting it fall to the floor he then turned her round and UN-cliped her bra and that to fell to the floor and as he turned her back round I heard him take a very deep breath and I heard him say O very nice very nice he then removed her jeans and Pat was wearing stockings and suspenders and crutch less knickers and Tony’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he took hold of Pat and lifted her over to the dinning table and laid her down on it with her ass just on the edge of the table so her legs were hanging of and just touched the floor Tony got down between her knees and opened her legs and placed then on his shoulders and took a deep breath of my wife’s cunt before lowering his head and licking her shaven cunt.

As soon as Tony’s tongue hit her clit she crossed her legs around his head and pulled him to her so he was as close as she could get him he was licking , slurping, sucking at her well wet cunt and Pat was rolling her head for side to side with her eyes closed as he brought her nearer & nearer to her climax, Tony brought up a hand and pushed a finger or two inside Pat she moan out loud Yes Tony yes and soon Pat went ridged and her body shook as she climaxed for the first time this evening.

I was the only one still dressed so I though I had better change that as stood up and took for all my clothes off I was doing this just as my wife Climaxed over Tony’s face as that was going on Didi dropped to her knees and took hold of my cock in both hands and spat on the top and rubbed her hands back and forth along it’s length I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as she did this it felt wonderful then I felt her lips touch the tip of the head before her mouth closed round it and as she took one hand away she just pushed forward and took it into her mouth.

Before long Didi was sucking all buy a inch or so into her mouth and as before I could feel it opening her throat as it slipped in I looked over and Tony was licking clean Pat’s cunt and then she released his head from her legs that she still had gripped round his neck and Tony stood and looked over at us.

Didi pulled back so the tip of my cock as just resting on her lips and I saw the look of wonder on Tony’s face when he saw that I did in fact have 10″ and his wife was in fact taking 10″ all the way into her mouth and by now she was taking the whole length she did not know that Tony was just standing there mouth open watching as she slid back and forth on my shaft she then cupped my balls and I had to moan as she did this and she stroked them and rolled them around in her hands, Pat had got up from the table and moved over to me where she came and gave my a long hard kiss and pinched one of my nipples.