The Vegas Vacation Part 4

I felt Sanjana’s hands reach down and unbuckle my pants, drawing down my zipper, and releasing my cock finally. Madhuri slid down onto the floor in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She expertly rubbed the head across her lips a few times then plunged the first few inches of my shaft into her mouth. She stopped with less than half of my cock between her lips and began bobbing on it slowly and sucking hard. The vacuum pressure she exerted on me caused my to swell up even more. Gradually, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, until she had all of me into herself. I could feel my cock head hitting the back of her throat. Glancing over at Sanjana, I saw her staring intently at Madhuri’s pink lips encircling my member. She had pulled her skirt up and was now alternating between rubbing her clit furiously and pushing two fingers deep into herself.

“Suck his entire cock, Madhuri! Take the last inch,” Sanjana demanded hoarsely.

I felt Madhuri’s head rise slightly and then she pushed all the way down. I felt my cock fully engulfed in her mouth, and her lips were pressed firmly against the skin of my pelvis. Her tongue was slowly stroking the bottom of my cock like silk in a breeze. Then she began mouth-fucking me with long strokes. The feeling was intense, and watching her masturbate while our new friend sucked me off was fantastically arousing.

I was very hard and throbbing at this point and ready to fulfill my wife’s wish. I pulled Madhuri up and made her lie on her back next to Sanjana giving her a perfect view. I started on top, spreading her legs with my thighs, and pressing the head of my cock into her opening. She gasped as the head slipped inside of her, and I fucked her slowly with shallow strokes, just popping the head in and out. I reach down to thumb her clit at the same time.

Unlike Sanjana, who is not multi-orgasmic, Madhuri began popping mini-orgasms immediately. I could feel her shuddering as I teased her clit while refusing to penetrate her more than two inches. Finally, she slid to one side and rolled me onto my back. Climbing on top she placed the head of my prick at her damp opening and steadily sat down until I was fully wrapped with her wet hole. As she rose to slide me out and repeat the process, I could feel her pussy walls gripping me tightly and stretching to hold me inside.

Madhuri began fucking me in earnest, tweaking her own nipples and rubbing at her clit. Meanwhile, Sanjana was kissing me from beside us and rubbing her own pussy. She waited patiently, looking into my eyes while I fucked another woman, and helping rub Madhuri’s clit with her fingers when it was obvious she was approaching an orgasm. I loved my wife more that I could have imagined possible.

Madhuri, relieved of touching her own vagina, started pulling both of her own nipples hard as her clenching pussy rode me. I could feel her muscles fluttering as she drove herself through a series of mini-orgasms until a deep, powerful come shook her entire body. Her fresh juices leaked freely out of her pussy around my dick.

Exhausted, she rolled off of me and Sanjana took her place. Sanjana’s familiar pussy was sopping wet and she slipped me into her easily. I was still very aroused from Madhuri’s intense explosion and Sanjana played on that to drive me higher. She started talking dirty to me as she pounded me in and out of her riding pussy.

“You liked fucking her didn’t you? Kissing her and then me, touching our breasts, sucking our pussies. You’d probably like to watch me lick her pussy again”

Sanjana was using every trick in the book to drive me wild, as if I could be any more turned on by this point. Finally she pulled off all of the gloves and virtually forced me to fill her aching pussy. She turned from her back to her side I now had one leg between my legs an done leg lover my chest as I fucked her. In this new position she was close enough to Madhuri’s pussy that she buried her face into the waiting orgasmed pussy and started licking it in earnest. Madhuri started moaning again and to me it seemed like truly she hadn’t had sex in ages.

“Cum in me,” she commanded suddenly. “Cum and then I’ll sit on Madhuri’s face and let you watch her lick me clean. Watch your cum leak out of me and into her mouth.”

The image was electrifying. I felt my groin bunch up and release, blasting spurt after spurt up her pussy. She gripped my dick tightly with her vaginal muscles, coaxing every drop out, then pulled off of me and swiftly straddled Madhuri’s face in a 69 position. As Madhuri’s tongue slipped out to part Sanjana’s pussy lips, Sanjana released her muscles and let a stream of my sticky semen ooze out of her crack into Madhuri’s waiting mouth.

Madhuri swallowed rapidly, licking and sucking Sanjana until she came fiercely, grinding her clit into Madhuri’s face and smearing her lipstick. Come, pussy cream, and saliva covered Madhuri’s mouth. Sanjana slid off of her and pulled all three of our heads together for a messy kiss.

She pulled Madhuri towards her and leaned forward began French kissing her. It was a sloppy kiss, as Madhuri shared the remnants of my cum with my wife. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, my come smearing across their faces, and when they finally broke off, Sanjana made a point of swallowing obviously to show that she had gotten the last of my load. I was easily back to a semi-hard state right away, and again enjoying my fantasy come true.

The girls then turned their attention on me and started to lick off my cock. To feel two mouths on my cock was a heavenly experience. Sanjana took my whole cock in her mouth and Madhuri licked my balls. Sanjana took my cock out and licked down one side of my shaft as Madhuri liked up the other side. As Madhuri took my cock in, now Sanjana was licking my balls. It was as if the girls’ minds were working as one, with the sole goal to make me go nuts.

I had just cum a few moments ago, but the horniness of the whole day and night was already letting me feel the pressure buildup again. The girls then kissed each other which my cock in the middle and their tongues rubbing my shirts. that just drove my mind wild and my was rock hard by now. Their lips locked, the girls moved their mouths up and down together, stroking me. I was oozing pre-cum and felt it being licked of by both tongues.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sanjana then held my cock at the base and took my took in her mouth again. But she wasn’t just sucking it, she was screwing her mouth with my cock, twisting her head while moving it up and sucking it. Her mouth made a wet slurping sound as my cock popped out of her mouth. She then kissed Madhuri who’s hand was now wrapped around my glistening member and pumping me furiously. They girls broke their kiss and Madhuri was fucking her mouth with my cock.

The three of us were lost in the sexual frenzy of the night. I ran my fingers through their hairs as their tongues; mouths and hands made my cock the center of their attention. There were sounds of sex and ecstasy in the room but none of us were saying anything comprehensible. Only groans of pure lust escaped our throats.

“I’m gonna cum,” I finally managed as I felt my balls boiling with the pressure again.

“Cum in Madhuri’s mouth,” Sanjana commanded.

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and starting pumping me furiously, aiming my tip towards Madhuri.

“Open your mouth Madhuri,” Sanjana said again. It was obvious she loved being in charge here. In my haze, I saw that as Madhuri opened her mouth and came near my mouth, I short my first glob out which landed on her lower lips. Sanjana did a great job to aiming most of my spurts into her mouth then the furiously kissing her cum filled mouth and plunging her tongue in. The girls again swapped my cum back and forth as they kissed and each swallowed their share before returning to my cock and cleaning me off completely. Exhausted, I pulled the two girls up and we lay on the bed naked, spent and extremely satisfied.

After resting for a while, we ordered some room service and had some light snacks. The awkwardness gone, the comfort level between the three of us was amazing. WE spent the while night having sex many times over till the sun came up. In the morning, Madhuri bid us good bye. We exchanged contact information and offered her to come visit us anytime. We hugged each other and the girls shared one final kiss.

After Madhuri left our room, Sanjana looked at me and then jumped me and kissed me with the most passionate kiss she could muster.

“I love you, you know that don’t you?” She said lovingly.

“Yea I’m beginning to think you do,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

We spent the rest of the hours having one more passionate love making session, before taking a shower and packing up to leave. We checked out of the hotel and got home uneventfully. Keeping with the saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we never discussed this with anyone though Sanjana and I often think about that vacation and fuck each other brainless.