The Vegas Vacation Part 2

“So what do you want to do first?” I asked jumping on the bed, and calling her to me with a smile.

“I know what you have in mind,” replied Sanjana with a smile, “but I really need to freshen up. I’m going to take a quick shower and then let’s decide on what to do.”

Before I could protest, she walked into the bathroom and I heard her turn on the shower. I closed my eyes, and heard her clothes coming off followed by the shower door open and close and then as expected a soft humming of Sanjana’s voice. She had always been a bathroom singer. Figuring that a shower was probably a good idea after a long day of travel, I decided to take a quick shower myself. Dragging myself out of bed, I took off my shoes and followed Sanjana’s voice.

I walked into the bathroom and I caught my breath. Along with the bathroom ceiling, the shower door was completely steamed through which I could see the silhouette of Sanjana’s naked body. The blurriness made her look almost serene and I could certainly feel a tugging in my loins despite the weariness of our travel. I walked closer to the door and the heat of the steam was clinging to me, but that was nothing compared to the heat I was now feeling inside.

Letting my clothes fall to the floor, I opened the door and walked in. The stall was big enough that two people could easily and comfortably have a shower. There was even a tiled bench to sit. Sanjana had her back towards me, and I was mesmerized as I saw the water dance over her body, the droplets bouncing off her skin and sparkling due to the over head light as they fell on the wet floor. The water splashed and coated her every inch. She looked so sexy, that my cock was already in a semi hard position just from looking at her.

Sanjana turned her head slowly looking at me over her shoulder and gave me a small smile and a wink. That was my signal, she was in a playing mood just a much as I was. I moved closer to her, and felt the water spray from her body onto mine. Sanjana turned around and I slowly lifted my hand up and gently caressed her face with my fingertips. She turned her face and kissed my palm, and I felt chills as well as fire run through my body. Sanjana then moved her hands up and starting rubbing my chest with her slick and soapy hands. Her smooth hands felt great on my chest, and while we have had sex in the shower before, just being in this hotel stall with so much room, gave this a new dimension.

Sanjana’s teasing of my nipples with the finger nails was certainly the desired effect on me when she leaned even closer to my ear and whispered, “Would you mind soaping my back?”

Oh such politeness, she was being so coy! What a turn on. Obviously I was ready to oblige. Sanjana turned around and I gently caressed my fingers on her back, again watching the water cascade down from her shoulders. I got closer to her and wrapping my hands around her pulled her closer to me. My soapy chest made contact with her back as I pressed myself onto her. The soap was letting me slide and slither against her body, my hands snaking over her breasts. Slowly I bent my legs and rubbed my whole body against hers, soaping her. My cock was hard and every time I moved up, it rubbed against her pussy and up her ass. Sanjana moaned with each pass, and as I continued to finger her hard nipples, I decided to tease her and whispered back, “Your back is done.”

We both got under the shower, our bodies now intertwined. As the soap washed away from our body, our lust just took over. No more teasing, it was time for some sex. I kissed her lips right under the shower and the water kept entering and leaving our open mouths and our tongues kept dancing around each other. I hugged her tightly caressing her ass as Sanjana held my head in her hands and sucked my tongue into her mouth over and over.

Lowering my self down her body I kissed her chest, her cleavage, her nipples, and her tummy. I got on my knees, parallel to her standing body and I slowly lifted one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder. Sanjana her onto my shoulders for support and I held her free leg with my arm to ensure she was stable. Moving closer, I leaned in and licked her wet pussy. Despite the rushing water, I would taste Sanjana pussy juices. This was a tribute to her horniness.

“Ohhh yea baby, lick that pussy” Sanjana moaned holding me tighter.

I moved my hands up and cupped her ass and squeezed them as I stuck my tongue out and slid it across her slit. I flicked my tongue over her clit and felt her body shudder. She was horny, and so was I. Sanjana began to grind her hips in unison to my rhythm. I was using long strokes with short darts. I was flicking, and fluttering, and everything I did was sending waves of pleasure though her body. Her moans turned into grunts. She moved her hands from my shoulders to my head and pulled into her pussy. Sanjana was getting closer. I held her tighter to make sure her leg didn’t give away. I cupped my lips on her fingertip-sized clit and began to suck and her head began to sway from side to side. I felt her legs start to vibrate and within seconds, she groaned her orgasmic groan pulling my face into her pussy and grinding her hips completely into it.

“Aaarrghgh” she sputtered as the water covered her face and muffled her scream.

I held her tighter, until her orgasmic wave passed through her and then stood up and kissed her lips. My cock was still hard, and as Sanjana felt it touch her body, she gripped it with her hand and began giving it slow strokes. She slowly pushed me to the back of the stall and made my sit on the tiled bench. Then turning around, she parted her legs and placed one on either side of me, and lowered her self onto my very erect, very hard, and painfully throbbing cock!

Her wet pussy easily slid down as I wrapped my arms around her and cupped and massaged her breasts. She started moving herself up and down, and reached down to cup my balls as she fucked my cock. My fingers were no longer gentle and I rubbed and pinched her nipples hard. I knew I wasn’t going to last after a long tease like that, and sensing my twitches inside her pussy, Sanjana picking up her speed. Every time she pushed down the water gather on our bodies kept splashing. The echoes in the shower were deafening yet immensely arousing. As I began to groan, Sanjana gently pressed the area behind my balls and my cock swelled even more. Literally milking her breasts, I began to move my hips up as little I could against Sanjana’s grinds and with one final groan, I blew my load deep into my wife! She kept humping on me as I was shooting and I felt my cum seep out of her pussy down my cock onto my balls and down to the floor. The heat of the shower, the steam and the intensity of the orgasm, made me light-headed for a few moments, after which Sanjana got off my cock and kissed my lips.

We both cleaned ourselves again, and finally got out of the shower, hoping that our skin wasn’t too pruned. We dried ourselves, and changed into a fresh pain of clothing and before heading out to enjoy Vegas. This is truly the city that never sleeps. Time of day here has absolutely no meaning. Our first mission was to have some dinner so we by started going down to the lobby. Since we were here to truly experience Vegas, we decided to try a place called Fusia. This exotic restaurant was famous for its diversity and unusual blend of eastern and western spices. The Menu included dishes of Middle Eastern, Far eastern and South Asian origins. The ambiance was perfect with combinations of low lights, soft music, good crowd control, and exquisite service. Our meal was wonderful though we didn’t want to over indulge and tire ourselves out too much too early.

Neither Sanjana nor I are major gamblers. We decided that our time would be better spent casino hopping and experiencing what the different casinos had to offer rather than just sitting at once place and gamble the night away. There were certain things we definitely wanted to do here which included watching the musical fountain outside the Bellagio, the Blue man group show in the Venetian, go through the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton, and The Pirate show at Treasure Island. Also since the entire strip is only about 5 miles long and both Sanjana and I are in pretty good shape, we decided to walk the distance and take the city monorail when needed.

After finishing our dinner it was time for the show. Sanjana and I had bought tickets to the Celine Dion show at Ceaser’s Palace. The show was exquisite and completely enjoyable. Both of us have been fans for Celine Dion and had plenty of sex session with her playing in the background. So whenever she sang one of “our songs” both of us just felt our bodies respond. While we had to certainly behave ourselves, sometimes we should gently rub each other legs and both of us could tell that just our minds were certainly thinking of the same naughty things.

When the show ended, we toured the Casino and were thrilled with the Roman architecture. The statues and the Monuments were remarkably done. It was almost like being in Rome. Remembering our early morning Spa appointments and not wanting to over do it the first night and Sanjana and I headed back to our hotel. Since the Celine Dion show had again stirred up our desires, we ended up having a quickie before bed.

In the morning, we had a very light breakfast and then walked down to the Oasis Spa and checked in. They started us off by giving us a locker in the changing room so that we could change into our robes. Since this was our vacation, we pretty much left our inhibitions at the door. Both of us go completely naked and just tied our robes around it. We sat in the lounging room where they had comfortable couches, light music and magazines for us while we waited. This was true pampering.

After a little whole our names were called out and we both went into our respective massage rooms. Since I’m an athlete I opted for a deep tissue massage to get my knots loosened and Sanjana took a Swedish massage for relaxations and improved circulation. The hour long massages were followed by a relaxing time in the steam rooms where I could feel the tensions of my muscles drain away. Finally, I walked into the Jacuzzi, took of my robe and sat naked in hot tub. This was a new experience to sit naked, but I didn’t care. I later found out that Sanjana had done the same thing, which completely thrilled me. The jets of water and bubbles of air were very refreshing and when I walked out I felt that all my worries and tensions that miraculously disappeared.

After being pampered and spoiled for three hours, Sanjana and I walked out of the Spa feeling better than we had in ages. Also feeling very hungry, we had already made reservations for an early lunch before we started on our touring again. We had chosen to have lunch the Casino Paris, since both of us had always wanted to go to Paris but still had not be able to. The reservations were at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which was High atop the illustrious Strip, crafted inside the replica of the Eiffel tower landmark.

Sanjana and I walked into the restaurant and we were greeted by a perfectly dressed Maitre’D who welcome us in a thick French accent and then seated us to our table. He brought us a wine list with the menu and we both ordered a glass to complement our meal. Now between the two of us, Sanjana really doesn’t drink. I mean a couple of glass of wine is enough to loosen her spirits.

We had asked for a table next to the window so both of us were mesmerized by the view. This was truly a beautiful place. The waiter brought our wines and we were enjoying sipping our drinks. I then noticed Sanjana gesture her head to the side and I followed her gaze to see a woman in a profession business suit approaching us. What both of us noticed immediately that in a French restaurant, this woman was not French but actually looked Indian.

“Hello, Sir and Madam,” She said very cordially. “Welcome to the Eiffel tower Restaurant. How are you doing today?”

“We’re doing just fine,” I replied. “Thank you very much.”

“My name is Madhuri and I’m the Manager here.” She continued pleasantly, “So I hope that you enjoy your meal and please feel free to get hold of me if I can make your time here better.”

“Thank you, I’m Sameer, and this is my wife Sanjana, and we will” I replied again and she walked away.

“Well that was nice of her.” I said to Sanjana.

“Yea, she seems really nice.” She said. There was something about her tone that caught me off guard. I looked at her for a bit and then asked,

“Something is going on in your mind, so spill it” I said

“I don’t know, but remember your fantasy?” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Did you expect me to forget” I said with my own smile.

“Well,” She continued, “She’s Indian, she’s good looking, she’s not local for us.”

“Yea my dear,” I said knowing that it was probably the wine talking, “But we don’t know anything about her.”

“We’re Indians and so is she.” Sanjana said, “Let’s use that as an Ice breaker and see where this goes.”

I was very excited at this venture, and even more so that it was Sanjana who brought it up. I think my cock twitched a few times in my pants as we were talking about this. Trying not to fantasize too much, both Sanjana and I enjoyed our meal of French cuisine. When the waiter took our plates, Madhuri came back and asked us how everything was?

“It was wonderful” I replied. “The meal, the ambiance and the service were all perfect.”

“Thank you very much,” Madhuri smiled again profession. “We hope you’ll come back and visit us again.”

“We certainly will,” This time it was who Sanjana replied. Madhuri turned to look at her and Sanjana continued “If you don’t mind my asking, where in India are you from?”

“I was born and raised in Delhi.” Came the cordial reply

“Really?” My wife beamed. “So were we.”

Madhuri’s transformation was amazing. She went from being very professional to smiling as if she had just been reunited with her long lost best friend. Her smile was from ear to ear and she said this time in hindi, “Arey kitney arsey key baad koi mere sheher sey yahan aya hai?” (It’s been so long since any one from my hometown has come here).

Both Sanjana and I immediately smiled even more hearing us talk to us in our own native language. We straight away asked her if she wanted to join us for a little bit and she replied that she couldn’t really do that right now as she was working. We asked if she would be willing to join us later for dinner.

“That’s very nice of you to ask. How long are you in town for?” Madhuri asked.

“We came in yesterday, and are flying out tomorrow.” Sanjana replied.

“Are your staying on the strip?”

“The Luxor.” I replied

“That’s a nice one.” She commended. “If I may suggest, we can have dinner at La Salsa, it’s a very good Mexican restaurant with killer Margaritas. And later if you guys enjoy dancing, then the Luxor has one of the best dance clubs on the Strip called the RA Nightclub.”

Both Sanjana and I looked at each other and said, “Sure” almost in unison.

“Great, I know the manager there, and I’ll set something up for 8 pm.” She said.

“Sounds good,” I said, and then added as an afterthought. “Feel free to bring your date if you wish.”

“Thanks,” she said, “But it will be just me. So thanks again for the invitation and I’ll see your both tonight.”

Both Sanjana and I left the restaurant with a renewed hope that maybe there might be a chance of my fantasy coming through. However, incase it didn’t happen, we didn’t want it spoiling our evening so we both agreed to just let things go on its own.

Sanjana and I then went to the Venetian to watch the Blue man group show. The show is about a group of men with their faces painted blue who play music using non-musical instruments. It was amazing to watch the talents of these guys – completely mind boggling. We then took the monorail to the Hilton and as Star Trek fans, were really thrilled by the Star Trek Experience. The memorabilia, the timelines, the models, and costumes were all amazing. I was in awe and Sanjana was having a hard time absorbing the realism of the place. We literally felt like we part of the Star Trek universe.

By the time we came out of there, it was starting to get dark, so went to Treasure Island and saw the Pirate show. This was an outdoor show, about 30 minutes long but filled with spectacular stunts. It had just gotten dark as the show ended to we walked down the Bellagio and enjoyed the musical fountain. What a show. It was only 15 minutes long, but superbly choreographed. The water from the fountain shot up almost a hundred feet, and it moved perfectly synchronized to the music. There were different kinds of spray profiles, and the lights that reflected on the water made it truly a wonderful site.

By the time we came back to the hotel room, it was about 7 pm so Sanjana and I hopped into the shower for a quick rinse before getting dressed for the evening. Despite the fact that the Celine Dion show had got us horny which was very evident when we took our underwears off, we decided to hold off on sex and hopefully use our pent up desires later tonight.

I dressed in a pair of black slacks with a sweater style top with dress shoes. Sanjana wore a knee-length shirt with a slit on the side and a halter top. The halter had a relatively deep neck and back, so she wore a strapless bra underwear and feeling sexy in anticipation (and hope) whore a black lacy thong. It was so tempting to just grab her and take her right there, but like her, I too was hoping for something good.

We walked in and gave our names to the Maitre’D and he said that Madhuri had called them up and that they have a table waiting for us. He also said that Madhuri would be joining us shortly. He escorted us to a booth in the corner so Sanjana and I both go in one side waiting for Madhuri. After about 10 minutes we saw Madhuri walked in wearing a knee-length blue dress. She had a short black jacket on top tied in a knot right around her bust line. The dress was really tight around her waist, and had flair beneath the waist. Both Sanjana and I looked at her and commented positively on how she looked.

“Hi you two,” She said sitting down opposite us, “Sorry I’m late, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long?”

“Not at all” Sanjana replied.

“Great.” Madhuri was a lot more jovial and pleasant now that she was outside her professional atmosphere. “Now, hope you don’t mind me taking the initiative, but I’d like to order some margaritas for us. They have the best ones. Do you guys drink?”

“Please do.” I replied this time. “We’re here to enjoy Vegas as best as we can, and who better to join us than someone who knows everything about this place.”

“Well then rest assured you both are in good hands.” Madhuri laughed.

While this was a very innocent comment on the surface, Sanjana and I were having anything but innocent thoughts right now, and the double meaning sent shivers through us. We were really hoping that all this wouldn’t end up being just wishful thinking. Soon the Margaritas arrived and we gave our orders for the appetizers and meals under Madhuri’s expert guidance.

As we sipped our drinks and chatted we started to get to know each other better. Now our talks were a mixture of Hindi and English since all three of us enjoyed that fact that we could talk to someone in Hindi. To those who don’t speak the language, Hindi is something akin to comfort food among Indian friends. To become friends in a foreign land, if one speaks the same language, the ice is automatically broken. Within moments, the three of us were talking like old friends.

Soon the margaritas were over and we ordered a second round. Now if you remember, Sanjana doesn’t handle alcohol rather well, and since she had already had wine for lunch, and a margarita it was only a matter of time before it started affecting her. We talked about our vacation so far, and where we were from in India, and our careers. Madhuri talked about her time and life in Vegas and also her Indian origins, and got to know each other fairly well during dinner.