My wonderful weekend Part 1

Tony said Oh GOD as he thrust his hips forward and splatted cum over the three gorgeous ladies in from of us.
I was 21 and on my way to the reading festival this was the first time I had been to a festival and had no idea what to expect, I was with a mate who had been once before so I packed what he said I would need and off we set, driving up the A12 and joined onto the M25 after about half an hour on the motorway we heard a banging noise coming from the engine and before I could pull over there was one load bang and smoke and steam pored from the front of the car.

While looking under the bonnet a van pulled up behind us and there were three of the most beautiful young women we had ever set eyes on, all about the same hight two were blond and one had jet black hair the blonds both had medium sized tits and the other had what looked like very Large tits all three were like like models, they asked if we were ok and if they could help,

I said that it looked like this heap of junk was going anywhere now but the scrap heap, I asked them if they could just tow us to the next service station or next off ramp to get the car of the motorway, they said sure so that is what we did and at the next services I rang a mate to come and pick the car up for me, so that was the car taken care of and it looked like we were going to have to cancel the trip.

The girls saw all out stuff and said where are you two off to we were going to Reading but it looks that we are not now , wow they said so are we why don’t you chuck your stuff in the back of the van and come with us, you will have to ride in the back as we only have three seats up front. If your sure we said that would be great I phone my mate again and told him that we would not be with the car just pick it up and take it home.

So off we set sitting in the back of there van my mate Tony said he could not believe our luck to get picked up by three such beauty’s there was no window though to the front so they could not see or hear us talking about them, I said that if I was lucky I would not mind the black haired one, so Tony said that’s fine I’ll take the other two then.

After about a hour the van pulled of the road and we were let out of the back and we had stopped on the M4 at a services to use the loo’s and get a drink, as we returned to the van the two blonds took hold of Tony’s arm and pulled him in the front with them and the black haired one got into the back with me, she said I thing it was you that said you fancied me and your mate said he wanted the other two, sure was I said as I climbed in the back.

I found out that the one with me was Sue, the other two were Kate & June so Sue said we have about another hour and half so what would you like to do to pass the time, with out saying a word I just took hold of Sue’s hand and pulled her to me and kissed her on her wonderful tender lips it was not long before our tongues were darting into and out of our mouths and I placed my hand on one of her breasts and squeezed it and she moaned softly as I did this, then I placed my hand on her waist and slowly moved my hand up under her top and found she had no bra to contain these wonderful big breasts.

He nipples were hard and long and as I took one into my hand she took a sharp in take of breath and said Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice it was not long before I had her top completely off and her breast’s were there in front of my WOW I said what fucking wonderful tits you have and I lent forward and cupped one in my hand and kiss the nipple and then sucked it in my mouth and she gave a loud sigh as I did this, I lay her down on the floor and the van had been carpeted out so it was nice and soft.

I found the hook and zip on her skirt and pulled down her skirt to reveal and small pair of panties and what looked like a really jet black bush of hair beneath”O” my god I said what a wonderful bush of hair so many women have it shaved but I love the natural look myself.

I got down between her knees and ran my tongue up over her panties tracing the line of her slit under them, she raised her back as I did this and sighed loudly and I worked my way up her body kissing and licking her as I went and I took and nipple back into my mouth and sucked it hard and then bit gently but firmly on it and she gave out a “O” yes from between gritted teeth.

I worked my way back down over her body and came to the top of her panties and took the waist band in my teeth and pulled my down and as I did the smell of her sweet sweet juice rose from her and I could not wait to taste it, but I kept on pulling the panties down with my teeth and got them over her feet and then kissed my way back up her legs inch by inch until I was about an inch from her honey pot, I pushed my tongue out and ever so lightly ran it up over her hidden slit she pushed her back up again and as I ran my tongue back down I pushed it into her slit and as I ran back up I was licking up her juice, and it saw so so sweet up and up I came until I touched her clit and it was like I had given her a shock as my tongue touched it she climaxed her body shaking, she placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face fully into her cunt and I started to drink down her juices as the flowed from her.

Again she came and I was drinking as fast as I could she was going wide moaning out loud YES YES YES “O” fucking hell yes , if she was like this just me licking her cunt what the hell was she going to be like when I planted my cock inside her cunt.

I entered two fingers into her as I licked her clit and cunt and she loved it and when I touched her G spot she climaxed for the third time, and I lifted my head to get a breath of air and then dove down again, I then force my head up as she was still holding my head into her cunt and I had her cum all round my mouth so I licked this of and then stood as best as I could in the back of a moving van and stripped off and when my 10″ cock sprang into view she was up of the floor and shoving it in her mouth, she held my cock in one hand and sucking on it at the same time and with her other hand she had that down between her legs rubbing her clit.

Iafter a while I wanted my cock in that warm sweet cunt so I took her head in my hands and took my cock from her mouth and lay her back onto the floor, I kissed her cunt and clit again and started to kiss up her body very slowly making my way to her wonderful sized boos and sucked on them for a while before kissing up her neck and round to her ear, and as I got to this position the head of my cock was finding it’s way into the hairy bush of hair and pushing it apart and looking for the wet hole beneath.

When it found the entrance to her love tunnel I pushed forward and up wards and it slipped into her and glided all the way into her filling her cunt fully, MY GOD SHE SAID OH MY GOD as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist holding me to her.

I started to pump into her drawing out and then plunging back into her and each time I plunged into her she shouted YES YES God YES, we had lost all track of time in out fucking and I was now pounding into her hard and fast she had cum god knows how many times, and I was about ready to shoot my load when the van doors opened and there stood Kate,June & Tony and I could not stop so I pumped into her a few more times before I gave one last thrust and pushed myself up on my arms and filled her with my creamy cum, spurt after spurt shot into her and the other three stood there and clapped as I finished, When I finally finished cumming and removed my cock from her now dripping cum cunt I head Kate & June say my god what a fucking big cock, you took all that Sue you dirty slut and they laughed and Sue laughed alone with them, we got dress and helped the girls put up there tent and we were just going to go and put ours up when the three girls all said why don’t you share with us for the weekend, well said Tony looking at me why not you never know I might get my end away as you have dipped yours you luck sod, Kate said yes Tony I am sure you will get lucky I am going to see to it that you do,are you going to join my June, O you fucking bet she said.

Well as they only had the one tent and it only had two rooms in it , it was arranged that I would be with Sue and Tony would be in with Kate and June, so off we when to have a good look around and find out where the stage was as it seams we have come to see the same group’s which was handy, We got something to eat and drink even thou we had loads of cans back at the tent, we strolled around for a while and as the groups we wanted were not on until the next day we went back to the tent.

Sue was linked arm in arm with me and Tony had Kate and June either side of him, we sat outside the tent and drank some more beers and Sue and I went inside we closed the zip up door and just ripped our clothes off and pulled each other together as we kissed and Sue lowered her head and took my Harding cock into her hand and lifted it so she could put her mouth over the end of it and as she pushed her mouth down over the length of it she pushed my foreskin back with her teeth, god the feeling of her teeth running down over my sensitive swollen head made me take such a deep breath and she took the whole 10″ and I placed a hand on each side of her head and started to fuck her mouth withdrawing to the tip and pushing it back fully into her mouth, she brought one of her hands up and cupped my swinging balls and played with them.

After a while I let go of her head and she started to speed up and with the other hand she reached round under my balls and stroked my ass running her finger up and up over my crack and cheeks then with one hard push entered a finger into my anus and that made me shoot my hips forward and also took me over the edge and my cock throbbed cum into Sue’s mouth and she was drinking it down, when I finished shooting my cum she still had a finger up my ass and she was still pushing it in and out of me hard and fast.

When Sue removed her finger she looked up and me and smiled a very wicked smile, and I took hold of her and lay her down on the sleeping bag and pushed her legs open and by the light of the tent light I could see this wonderful shaped body her tits were big but firm and as she lay there they did not sag and god what a site it was, looking down her body from her tits she had a great slim waist and then her hips were just the right size as I said she had the figure of a model and then I looked at her thick black hairy pussy, it was trimmed around the sides but really think I could not take any more I knelt down took her legs up on my shoulders and lowered my head between her legs and sank my open mouth on her pussy, My tongue pushed though the thick hair and found her moist cunt slit and I ran my tongue up and down it not hard enough to open the slit just enough to part her hair , she arched her back and was moaning softly mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm That’s nice so nice, then I pushed my tongue into her slit the taste of her on my tongue was heaven and the tip of my tongue found her clit and as I touched it it felt like a static shock jumped between us and Wow it was good and then I sucked her clit into my mouth and pulled on it with my lips and flicking it with my tongue and she arched her back even move when ridged and she came letting out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm “O” fuck yes MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and as she started to lower herself back down as her climax resided I pushed two fingers inside her and her pussy mussels clamped round my fingers sucking them into her.

I started to fuck her with my fingers and her juice was running down my hand and dripping onto the sleeping bag, I was now sucking and nipping her clit as my fingers working in and out of her well wet pussy, I could hear moaning and groaning coming from Tony,Kate & June but I did not care what they were up to and carried on with this wonderful woman laying before me.

My cock had now come back to life and I wanted it inside Sue so I pulled away and turned her over placing a pillow under her lower stomach and lay on her and eased my cock into her wet wet cunt and it just slid into her with out any force needed, I raised myself up on my arms and started to ram into her my body slamming against her butt cheeks , slapping together with each downward thrust, YES YES FUCK MY CUNT FUCK IT HARD she shouted, Tony from the bed room next door said go on my son ram it in there hard for her.

I was sliding the whole length into her and I pushed one last hard time and we both came together my cock was deep inside her pumping cum and her pussy mussels griped my cock so tight like it was trying to squeeze every last drop of cum from me, when her pussy mussels relaxed I took my cock from it’s warm hole and turned her over and dove down between her lags once move and rammed my face into her wet dripping pussy I drank down not only her juice but my own cum which was now mixed with hers.

Once I had finished eating her out I moved up and lay beside her she got up and took my shrinking cock into her mouth and licked my cock cleaning all her and my cum from it and she licked around my balls as well making sure she got every last drop.

She then laid back down with me and we kissed and just gently running our hands lightly over each others bodies, and we cloud hear Tony having fun in the other room which was only separated by a thin sheet of fabric and it sounded like he was having a great time to, June was saying “O” Tony your so deep inside me fill my cunt Tony fill it with your hot cum, while Kate was “O” yes squeeze my tits YES YES “O” my nipples are so tender, Yesssssssssssssss .

Sue and I fell asleep listening to then having wide sex, the next day I woke and started to kiss Sue’s tits and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and even thou she was asleep she lets a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I sucked into in my mouth and bit on it gently, I started to move down her body and she still did not wake until my tongue hit her clit and as it did she woke and with out warning she wrapped her legs over my shoulders and crossed then behind my head and pulled me as tight to her as she could.

I was now licking her cunt and it smelt musty from the night before but it still tasted good and I liked and licked her juices from her, she arched her back and came into my mouth went she let my head go from her vice like grip I turned her over and pulled her up so she was now on all fours and took hold of my cock and aimed it at her cunt and with one hard thrust of my hips I entered her, she screamed out as my whole 10″ rammed into her wet pussy and it woke the other three and I heard either June or Kate say “O” my god there at it again at this time of the morning.

After I had filled up Sue’s cunt with my cum we lay there for a while before getting dressed and we started to cook breakfast when the other joined us, rest rest of the day was spent looking round and making sure we got the the stage before any of the groups that we wanted to see that day came on.

We all enjoyed the day together and just after midnight we got back to the tent I was just going into the room me and Sue had been in when June said where the hell do you think your going your in the other side tonight we want to see what al that noise was about you to were making, that’s fine but you ladies must have been seen ok as you were making your noise as well, but yea lets change over I don’t mind, so that is what we did Tony was up for it to so after a few more drinks Tony and sue went off.

I went to the other room and June followed me in saying after I saw you pull that fucking monster out of Sue yesterday when we got here I have wanted it and now I am going to get that fucking cock of yours out and ride it for all I am worth, Well I grinned help your self it is here do what you want with it.

June can over to me and pulled my t-shirt off over my head just as Kate came in she said what starting with out me, don’t worry I said there is plenty of me to go round yes we have seen that said Kate, then June undid my belt and Kate undo my button on my jeans then both together they pulled down my zippier they told me to lay down and each took a Jean leg each and pulled off my jeans and my boxes went with them I was now naked laying on my back with a raging hard on and my 10″ cock was sticking up like a flag pole, “O” what a fucking beauty June said and they stood there and started to strip off, both took there t-shirts off and neither was wearing a bra and both had about the same size breasts which looked tight and firm June’s nipples were dark in colour while Kate’s were very light, both looked perfect and I could not wait to get my mouth and tongue on them.