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We became friends while chatting we discussed lot about our professional lives. We also exchanged our mobile numbers and had communicated and developed our rapport very much. One day we turned our focus to sex and chatted for a while. They also watch lot of Blue films like me. After a month, they invited me to their home.  I went there at 11am both their children were off to school then, Sudheer took leave that day. I found Revathy good-looking and sexy she was bit plump but I liked her, as I love plump voluptuous women. We talked for a while and broke the ice Revathy also joined us. Later Sudheer said he had a good blue CD and played it. I got very hot then. Revathy got really shy but sudheer asked her to shed her inhibitions. We were watching a group sex scene with 2 men and 3 women in action. Sudheer suggested to me that we both remove our dresses and show our nude bodies to Revathy, he became nude instantly I also followed him. Revathy stared at my 7 inch long hard brown cock. Sudheer asked Revathy to remove her saree.

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